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Black X-9

Coffee Brown X-02

Dark Brown YH-023

Earth Brown JDY-1

Tan YH-016

Dark Red JK-913

Leaf Green X-18

Black 3007

Brown BN-2210

Grey 3107

White FCD-1201

Beige FCD-5177

Chocolate Brown 3009

Dark Red 3005

White 540

Beige BE-3038

Apple Green HH-669

Yellow DHL-323

Sky Blue WJ_1065

Sea Blue 199

Brown FT-821

Black FE-2000

Purple BE-7071

Red RH-7078

Orange HH-7

Tan YT-957

Grey BE-7023

Light Grey MA-460

Black TO-962

Grey XLD6061-A2

White TO-864

Dark Blue TO-954

Dark Green TO-960

Caramel TO-983

Old Mauve TO-907

Dark Red TO-906

Vintage Brown TO-904

Dark Brown TO-985

Black ZH-1

Charcoal ZH-41

Grey ZH-42

Steel Grey ZH-25

White ZH-B9

Brown ZH-16

Red ZH-24

Bright Orange ZH-12

Pink ZH-B5

Purple ZH-4

Magenta ZH-39

Fuchsia Pink ZH-2

Blue ZH-19

Light Blue ZH-B6

Dark Turquoise ZH-23

Green ZH-35

Olive Green ZH-37









Black and White Cowhide

Brown and White Cowhide

* Samples only available with our new range of Itarzi Sofas.

VANQUISH-90 wool

VANQUISH-17 wool

3385-07 Linen

3385-174 Linen

3385-99 Linen

VANQUISH-03 wool

VANQUISH-02 wool

VANQUISH-102 wool

VANQUISH-121 wool

3385-01 Linen

3385-172 Linen

10022-51 Linen

A879-8A heavy wool

VANQUISH-179 wool

VANQUISH-92 wool

VANQUISH-190 wool

A Maximum of 5 samples are delivered free of charge Worldwide and take approximately 2-5 days to arrive.

Samples swatches are intended as a colour and texture sample only and may not show the full design.

Every effort is made to ensure that the samples supplied correspond as closely as possible to our products, brochures and website, however, variations in colour between material batches may occur from time to time during normal manufacturing processes.

If a particular colour or shade is critical then please contact customer servicesHERE.

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