Dozza Sofa




The handy built-in shelving system is perfect for storing books and the occasional glass of wine.



Available with a wood or fabric Back Armrest.



Available in fabric upholstery our Itarzi sofa materials are blends of wool yarn or triple blended linen fabric.



Brushed steel metal base gives the sofa modern look.



All cushions are feather/down mix filled.



Layered foam seat cushions made for comfort.

Made for luxury, our Dozza Sofa features spacious seating for the entire social gathering and innovative features that make life just that little bit more perfect. Cylindrical neck-rests line the edge of Dozza Sofa so you’ll never be without support and the pillows are deep enough for afternoon naps, or snuggling up to watch a film. Dozza Sofa may be made for comfort, but it’s also a bold style statement while the multi-sectional design allows for custom arrangements. The combination of brushed steel metal, hand-worked wood and stunning imported fabric creates a symphony of materials that results in an amazingly modern, yet warm, look.

* Available with solid wood bookshelf armrests or standard fabric armrests.

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