Cozze Sofa




The backrest cushions are 100% down filled.



Sturdy metal feet with protective covers that prevent damage to floors.



Available in a wide array of colours to suit your personal tastes.



Layered foam seat cushions made for comfort.

You’ll have a hard time resisting the enticing comfort of our Cozze sofa, but then with the soft padded cushions, smart looks and great amount of seating space do you really want to resist? Cozze is the perfect choice for households with large families or people who entertain guests a lot. The soft fabric and padding make this corner lounge incredibly inviting and its elegant design enables it to complement a diverse range of interior spaces regardless of the existing decor. Stretch your legs out and lounge luxuriously while nestled into the cushions. Never worry about where to seat unexpected guests who turn up or whether people at your next social gathering will be put off by uncomfortable seating. Cozze sofas are so large that it can even serve as a place to sleep if people need to stay over for the night - be warned though, it’s so comfy that you might have trouble shifting them in the morning!

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Cozze 2 Section

Cozze 3 Section

Cozze 4 Section

Cozze 5 Section

Cozze Loveseat

Cozze Full Set

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